Rust – Damage, Protection & Prevention

How rust can effect and damage metals

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Metals, while used in various applications and forms based on the strength of the metal, can be susceptible to wear and tear from the surrounding environment. A main issue that can happen from this is rusting. The various elements that can have this adverse effect is moisture, salts and even oils can be trigger for the rusting process to start kicking in. There are various types of rust that can effect metals of most types, and here this article looks at these types of rust, and how you can help in the prevention of this forming. This can be achieved through the application of oils (protective), rust oleum (from using fish oil when first discovered to now using more modern applications such as resins), supplied by many stockists.

Types of rust

There are numerous types of rust that can effect metals, and these normally start to appear under certain conditions. Firstly as pointed out earlier is environmental damages, the main causes of this is usually attributed to temperature and humidity. Process contributed, this can be caused from fabrication processes applied or from the environment in a manufacturing plant. Another cause of corrosion could be from packaging that is used to ‘protect’ the metals from corrosion, but in doing so could be unaware that the material used could be holding moisture itself, kick starting the whole corrosion and rusting process.

Rust oleum, wax & even oil coatings

Spray on wax creates an inhibitor barrier that protects metal surfaces both on land and even under water, this covers all metals with a fine spray to form a smooth coating that does not degrade over time. Rust oleum is a more popular way of protecting your, metal work from the ravages of rust and corrosion. This comes in many forms that allows a wide range of applications to metals, such as a quick drying paint, elastofill which is similar to that of caulk, this a hugely versatile product. Oils can be a form of coating to prevent corrosion from happening, there have been known cases where engine oil has been applied as a form of barrier protection. As you can see, there are a few causes to rust, and a few ways to protect your metal work from this corrosive element.