Road Marking Paint & Tape Market Increase & Development

Road Markings Industry Growth

Road markings covers a wide range of materials and applications for the highways industries. The purpose of road marking application is to clearly give information to motorists and pedestrians alike. These can come in many forms such as paint, or reflective tape that can be preformed or cut to custom designs. With developments fast increasing in this field, the market is expected to reach global revenues of around 450 billion pounds coming into the year 2020. This is seen as a reflection or ever increasing infrastructure to our cities and towns, and the increasing need to create awareness of road safety for all concerned.

thermoplastic on concrete image

The Psychology Behind Road Markings

The purpose of road markings, also known as thermoplastics dependent upon what material you use, is to convey information and make you aware of the layout of the road. For the commuters, it gives clear signals as to the layout of the road, or alert them to a particular situation ahead such as a blind corner or a reduction in speed. To the commuters, it can give information as to what lies ahead, alert them to the fact that they are entering a pedestrian only zone, or crossing a one way street and to look left or right to keep them safe as they cross. These signals deliver vital visual indicators as to how to proceed, what to expect.

The Types Of Markings Available On The Market

The range of markings available are huge. Paint is the oldest form of road marking used, but developments in the paint and materials industries mean that other forms of markings are widely available. Thermoplastic is the fore runner in this industry, as it is very durable and well priced for the job at hand. It has a definitive trait in that it hardens into a form of plastic when heated and then hardens when it goes through the cooling process. This makes it a popular choice when it comes to picking a durable material. Many outlets are available to buy these products from like