Rust – Damage, Protection & Prevention

How rust can effect and damage metals

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Metals, while used in various applications and forms based on the strength of the metal, can be susceptible to wear and tear from the surrounding environment. A main issue that can happen from this is rusting. The various elements that can have this adverse effect is moisture, salts and even oils can be trigger for the rusting process to start kicking in. There are various types of rust that can effect metals of most types, and here this article looks at these types of rust, and how you can help in the prevention of this forming. This can be achieved through the application of oils (protective), rust oleum (from using fish oil when first discovered to now using more modern applications such as resins), supplied by many stockists.

Types of rust

There are numerous types of rust that can effect metals, and these normally start to appear under certain conditions. Firstly as pointed out earlier is environmental damages, the main causes of this is usually attributed to temperature and humidity. Process contributed, this can be caused from fabrication processes applied or from the environment in a manufacturing plant. Another cause of corrosion could be from packaging that is used to ‘protect’ the metals from corrosion, but in doing so could be unaware that the material used could be holding moisture itself, kick starting the whole corrosion and rusting process.

Rust oleum, wax & even oil coatings

Spray on wax creates an inhibitor barrier that protects metal surfaces both on land and even under water, this covers all metals with a fine spray to form a smooth coating that does not degrade over time. Rust oleum is a more popular way of protecting your, metal work from the ravages of rust and corrosion. This comes in many forms that allows a wide range of applications to metals, such as a quick drying paint, elastofill which is similar to that of caulk, this a hugely versatile product. Oils can be a form of coating to prevent corrosion from happening, there have been known cases where engine oil has been applied as a form of barrier protection. As you can see, there are a few causes to rust, and a few ways to protect your metal work from this corrosive element.

Road Marking Paint & Tape Market Increase & Development

Road Markings Industry Growth

Road markings covers a wide range of materials and applications for the highways industries. The purpose of road marking application is to clearly give information to motorists and pedestrians alike. These can come in many forms such as paint, or reflective tape that can be preformed or cut to custom designs. With developments fast increasing in this field, the market is expected to reach global revenues of around 450 billion pounds coming into the year 2020. This is seen as a reflection or ever increasing infrastructure to our cities and towns, and the increasing need to create awareness of road safety for all concerned.

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The Psychology Behind Road Markings

The purpose of road markings, also known as thermoplastics dependent upon what material you use, is to convey information and make you aware of the layout of the road. For the commuters, it gives clear signals as to the layout of the road, or alert them to a particular situation ahead such as a blind corner or a reduction in speed. To the commuters, it can give information as to what lies ahead, alert them to the fact that they are entering a pedestrian only zone, or crossing a one way street and to look left or right to keep them safe as they cross. These signals deliver vital visual indicators as to how to proceed, what to expect.

The Types Of Markings Available On The Market

The range of markings available are huge. Paint is the oldest form of road marking used, but developments in the paint and materials industries mean that other forms of markings are widely available. Thermoplastic is the fore runner in this industry, as it is very durable and well priced for the job at hand. It has a definitive trait in that it hardens into a form of plastic when heated and then hardens when it goes through the cooling process. This makes it a popular choice when it comes to picking a durable material. Many outlets are available to buy these products from like

Painting & Maintenance Of Floors

Adding protection to flooring

By painting a floor, you protect it from normal wear and tear. You also add some color to concrete, which epoxy floor paintis usually cold and dreary looking. Then why not think about painting the floor if you have anything other than carpet laid down.It is usually neglected in a room but it can make a big difference.They are generally a breeze to apply however choosing the best one is the challenge. These are some of the paints used .

-Primers or sealers are used to give a surface a clear finish.

-Latex paint is easy to clean up.

-Epoxy-based paints are best, but if you want to protect the floor from chemical spills, such as those used in a garage, you might want to consider glossy finishing. Next, decide on a color that complements the walls in the room and its style.

Ensure a clean surface for application

You can actually paint a clear and clean epoxy floor, but you could also do this on dry wood, and other types of flooring like concrete or brick. When it comes to options, you have unlimited choices at your disposal, that is why it is a win situation for you. But before you apply paint, you should prepare first the surface. First, you have to make sure that the floor’s surface is free from anything; nothing should be on top of it, and that includes particles like dust, mould and other stuff. It should be clean; it should have no moisture, no grease, no oil and no nothing. If it has paint that is old and worn, remove it.

Wash down

Painting isn’t that difficult. All you have to do is to follow the instructions correctly, first off, you should prep the surface you are going to paint. If you have smooth and shiny floor surfaces, it is important that you sand it first before you apply paint. Afterward, you should clean the surface; use water and soap then rinse it properly. Of course, do not apply paint while it is still wet. Allow it to dry first.

Aesthetics of floor painting

The best thing about painting your floors is that it enhances the look of the flooring. It is also nice to paint the floor on your garage since it’s a tough environment that you have there and painting it adds extra layers of protection. If you are applying floor paint, it could be important that you apply an acid treatment since it’s the best way to make sure that the epoxy floor paint will stick. After you’ve done this, you can paint the concrete surface and expect successful results. Painting is an inexpensive way to upgrade your flooring and improve its appearance so it better fits with your room appearance.

The wide range in paints

Giving Protection

an apllication of masonry paint to wall

Covering A Wall With Paint

There are various types of paints available for uses throughout the industries to coat and protect a wide range of surfaces, such as masonry paint, available from suppliers like,can be used to protect a building from environmental hazards. Another advantage of paint is decoration. It can help in giving a facelift to the old building, and a new energy to the new building. In the external area paints are used to protect the external walls, and in the interior side it is used for the ease of cleaning and giving a better look. Water based paints are perfect for walls, and water-based eggshell or gloss can be employed for most interior woodwork, although solvent-based paints are perfect for areas of tough wear – exterior as well as interior wood, and metal.

Emulsion or Enamel/Gloss Based?

Find out if paint is water-based or solvent-based by reading the instructions given for thinning. If water is recommended, the paint will likely be water-based, if a white spirit is advised then it’s solvent-based.

Disposing Of Paint

Oil-based paint and solvents are considered hazardous waste supplies. They ought to never be disposed of inside the typical rubbish or poured down the sink. Consult your local waste collection centre for advice on how to dispose of safely.


Primer seals soft surfaces and provides a key for the subsequent coats. Use it before painting bare timber, and when using gloss on bare metal.


Undercoat supplies a smooth, solid coloured base for liquid gloss. It’s a solvent-based paint that looks attractive in its right, though the range of colours is limited. It tends to chip so if using it with out the top coat of gloss then protect it with clear varnish.


The emulsion is the first choice for walls. It’s a water-based paint, and usually contains vinyl, which makes it durable and easy to clean. It can be employed on most sound, already painted surfaces.


Gloss paint is the standard choice for wood and metalwork. All solvent-based gloss has a high-shine but for a genuinely mirror-like finish, it’s best to opt for thin liquid paint. Used over undercoat, a system favoured by professional decorators, specifically for outside use.

Eggshell Paint

Eggshell is a versatile sheen finish typically used for indoor woodwork, though it can also be utilized on walls for a uniform look.

Wood Stains And Varnish

Wood stains designed for use indoors are a lot more decorative than external protective paints, making it look like a well designed piece of craft. Cover then with two or more coats of clear varnish.
Varnish gives a clear, protective coating for paints and stains. It’s obtainable in matt, satin (mid-sheen) or high-gloss finishes and liquid of non-drip consistency.

Environmentally Friendly Paints

These are produced from natural plant oils, resins and minerals so they’re non-toxic, healthier to use and better for the environment. They are straightforward to apply, permit surfaces to breathe and is odour-free.

Painting Safely

Solvent-based masonry paint is flammable, so store it outside the house but protect it from frost and damp. Fumes from solvent-based gloss and eggshell are unpleasant so make certain the room is cool and well ventilated before you start painting. Above all, you will find anything you need from fire retardant paint to roof tile paints. As with all products of this nature, you should read the labels before use.